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Welcome to the Home page of Amber Community First Responders, a voluntary organisation created to help and support East Midlands Ambulance Service patients in the few vital minutes prior to an Ambulance arriving.


For more details of who we are and what we do please have a look at the other pages on our website.



Valerie Thorpe 


In 2022, Amber Community First Responders were saddened to hear of the passing of Valerie Thorpe - one of our most fantastic supporters.


Valerie was a key individual in the Amber family and without whom the group would quite possibly not have existed.



Her relentless fundraising efforts ensured that our responders were equipped to go out into their local communities and save lives. Valerie always supported the group as much as she could and even when unwell, would always check in to see if the group was OK.


Valerie's commitment to her local community was not just limited to her time spent working with Amber. She was a local Councillor whose passion for her local area was incomparable.


Valerie's devotion to helping others will never be forgotten. Her wonderful and kind personality will be missed greatly by all those who knew her.


Our group is forever greatful for Valeries significant fundraising and publicising of the Amber Group.

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