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Our team

Amber Community First Responders consists of a team of competent, committed qualified and experienced volunteers. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Trevor James

Scheme Coordinator




The Coordinator is responsible for the general running of the group and sits within the management team, liaising with the EMAS Community Response Team and reports to the Executive Committee of the Amber Community First Responders.


Trevor is a former IT and Health and Safety Manager, and worked in the EMAS Emergency Operations Centre for a short while. He has been a CFR for more than 8 years.



Jonathon Atkin

Assistant Coordinator


Jonathon is one of our Assistant Coordinators, and has special responsibility for equipment replenishment and liaison with the EMAS Emergency Operations Centre.


Jonathon works full time for EMAS as an Ambulance Technician, so his expertise of front line ambulance work is invaluable to the group. He is currently undergoing training to become a Paramedic.



Allison Kemp

Assistant Coordinator


Allison is one of our Assistant Coordinators, and is responsible for some of the administration functions for the group. Allison is also a member of the Executive Committee and chairs responder meetings in the absence of the Coordinator.


Allison also runs her own business in Ripley which is a commercial services company specialising in driver training of all sorts. She has recently won the Transport & Logistics Woman of the Year.



Fiona Roberts

Assistant Coordinator


Fiona is one of our Assistant Coordinators, and is also one of our training specialists. Fiona works for EMAS in the Nottingham Emergency Operations Centre and as part of their training team.


Fiona also runs her own business as a health and safety and first aid trainer.




Andy Allsop

Vice Chairman


Andy is our Vice Chairman with special responsibilty for uniform procurement and distribution. He also does some other administration work for the group, and is a P2P trainer.


Andy's full time job is that of a Health and Safety Manager.





Community First Responders



In addition to our Coordinator and Assistant Coordinators who are also responders, we presently have 18 other Community First Responders in various locations and available at various times of the day and night. Here are some of the group together with CFR01, the scheme car.


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Amber Community First Responders




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